Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pretty Girl Birthday Cake

For this Easter weekend I went down south to my sister's house and it was way fun! It was her daughter's birthday on Saturday as well, so I helped make her a cake. Which she loved because she loves anything pretty princess and pink. Thought I'd share the cake with you.

All you do is bake whatever cake you'd like in an oven-safe bowl (make sure you fill it up about half way like a cupcake or it will overflow in the oven.) Then we set the bowl cake on top of a sheet cake and iced it, sticking a doll in the center. (Make sure to choose a bowl perportional to the doll you want to use.) We made this mini doll dress cake because we didn't want a gigantic cake to eat. But I've done it before with a full-size Barbie doll.
I got her just as she was breathing in to blow out the candles. I'm such a good timer- I was trying to get her blowing them out, but yeah, this is good enough I guess.


  1. I definitely have to steal this idea! My daughter would LOVE this cake:) She probably wouldn't let anyone cut into it though.

  2. :) It truly was hard for ME to cut into this cake! :)



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